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Keeping Deer Out of Your Garden

June 28th, 2018 4:56 PM by John Borgert

This is the time of year when all of us with gardens are wondering how we can keep the deer from eating them up before we get anything to harvest. Some of us don't want to put up high fences, especially fences high enough to keep the deer from simply jumping over them. So, we turn to other methods.

Sadly, nothing is going to work 100 %, and even what works one year may not work the next year. The other thing to remember, is a hungry deer will eat anything, even if it tastes bad, if there is nothing else to eat. 

Okay, having said the above, there are some things that work, and you may as well give them a try. A recommendation we find over and over again is using fragrant plants as a deterrent. Instead of spraying chemicals all over the place, try planting these highly fragrant plants around your garden: lavender, marigolds, mint, oregano, catnip. Adding other strongly scented plants even mixed in with your garden also help, as in garlic and chives. 

Other things to try are sprinkling soap shavings around the garden, or hanging a strong smelling soap on a string can help. Some people swear by a mixture of eggs and cold water. You let that stand until its ripe, the apply with a sprayer. 

A fun way to keep the deer away is to add moving art to your garden, anything that blows around in the wind, makes a sound, or flashes lights. Some people string up hanging objects around their garden -- cans, bits of mirror, little bells, old CDs, even bits of colored rags in strips. Here is where you can be creative. 

See these sources for help: Good Housekeeping,,, even 

Good Luck!

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