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How does a person know whether or not he or she can own a home?  The best thing you can do is get in touch with a lender, and find out.  As real estate agents we have experience with serveral different lenders.  If we show a client a home, and that client makes an offer to purchase the home, we like to know that the client will be able to fulfill the contract to purchase the home.  And in our case, we also like to know the client is going to be happy with the purchase, once all the paperwork is signed.  Therefore it is important to us that our clients connect with experienced and truly helpful lenders. 

Many people have a mistaken notion that they cannot get a loan.  This notion is not always true.  There are several loan programs available to people, even with less than perfect credit, or very little money to put down on a house.  You need a lender who is familiar with these programs, and can help you work your way through the system.  We would like to help you connect with an experienced and helpful loan officer, because then you will be able to buy a house!  And, as you are well aware, we'd love to help you find and buy a house. 

John Borgert is a Real Estate Professional trained to teach 1st time home buyer classes. Call John or Shelton Land and Homes LLC for information about time and location. Class is 5 hours a certificate is issued that is good for 2 years. Various down payment assistance programs are available with the certificate of attendance.

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